Earth Day/NaPoWriMo Day 22

On Sunday this week,
this yard was covered in snow,
and today,
it’s covered in gold.

The seasons,
they fly by,
as we grow old,
and yet there are still
days ahead with
surprises untold.

When I was a child,
I recall streets filled
with trash,
and rivers with sludge,
the skies were often
the color of fudge.

We have a long way to go,
there’s no doubt about it,
but we’re way ahead,
toward reaching our goal.

“What is our goal?”
you might sincerely ask.
It’s to offer our grandkids,
and their’s and still more,
yards filled with white snow,
and then the same week,
with dandelions gold.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

It’s earth day, of course, or the tail end of it, and today’s suggestion was to write something in connection with that. The idea for this poem came to me this morning when I passed yard after yard filled with beautiful, yes beautiful, golden dandelions and earlier in the week they had been filled with snow. The Colorado Rocky Mountain ecosystem and weather patterns in spring time are often just that chaotic and unpredictable. All of the trees have finally bloomed out here and the tulips have come up and yet, it snowed, and they all survived! I do believe we have come a long way in protecting Mother Earth, but we have a long way to go yet. We all leave too big of a damaging footprint behind when we die. I think our goal in life should be “pack in, pack out.” In other words, to leave the world as good, if not better, as the day we entered it.


Loving Our Earth|NaPoWriMo Day 23


When I was a child,
I remember the way,
trash littered the streets,
and also the leas,
there were bags like kites,
stuck in the trees.

One day I saw,
an ad on TV,
of an old Indian man,
seeing our trash everywhere,
on highways,
in rivers,
and the yellow smog air.

I suddenly realized,
how the things that we do,
were ruining the world,
and the beauty we knew.

Many were touched,
by the old Indian man,
and we started to care
for God’s beautiful land.

If only you had seen,
the mess we were in,
before we got smarter,
and began going green.

Our world is much cleaner,
but there’s still much to do,
we need mother earth
and she needs us too.

© Elaine Wood-Lane